Shunyata Research
Hydra Delta D6
US Power Distributor
(Made In USA)


Shunyata Research Hydra Delta D6, Delta XC & Delta v2-NR
I know that few topics prompt heated discussion amongst audiophiles more than the merits or otherwise of mains cables and mains distribution blocks. From my own experience however I am confident that well designed and executed systems such as this do make a significant and beneficial contribution to my listening experience. The Hydra Delta D6 block and Delta cables brought an extra level of performance from my system and have allowed me to wring every last ounce of musical enjoyment from my sources and amplifier. I have tried various pieces with the mains leads supplied plugged directly in to a wall socket, yet not one has failed to deliver better performance through the Shunyata Research components. The Hydra Delta pieces are not inexpensive, but they deliver terrific value every time I listen to my system. CK

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