QED Classic 42 Strand and QED Performance Subwoofer Cable
Dali Oberon FloorStand Speaker
Dali Oberon Bookshelf Speaker
Dali Oberon Vocal Center Speaker
Dali E-9F Subwoofer
Dali Alteco C1 Atmos Speaker

Dali Oberon 5 Speaker Package (5.1.2)

RM16,968.00 RM10,745.00

Dali Oberon 5 Floorstand Speaker – 1 Pair
Dali Oberon 1 Bookshelf Speaker – 2 Pair
Dali Oberon Vokal Venter Speaker – 1 Piece
Dali Alteco C1 Atmos Speaker – 1 Pair

Dali Sub E-9F 9″ Active Subwoofer – 1 Unit

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