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We specialize in the repair and calibration of audio equipment to assure its optimum performance.

Our technicians have 26 years of combined experience in all types of stereo, video, and home theater equipment, from repair and calibration of all high-end audio equipment with original or even better quality replacement parts. If necessary, we will test run your unit to ensure reliability and proper operation making sure all functions are working as designed and understand that your audio system is very important, we take pride and satisfaction in returning it to you in tip-top condition.

We operate a secondhand-hifi outlet where we sell reconditioned equipment, parts, and manuals.

Service Warranty

The repair warranty is 30 days from the date of service “Defect caused by misuse or abuse are excluded”. If found faulty within the warranty period, customer must return it to us for further checking. Shipping costs are not covered under our warranty. If second repair is unrelated to the original problem, it will be billed separately.

Terms & condition apply, the policy may change and updated in this page.