Soundbox Living Room Acoustic Treatment - IMG Series

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Soundbox Living Room Acoustic Treatment - IMG Series
Control ambient noise while adding style to your living room.
Our high resolution painting acoustic panels are the perfect way to beautify your home! These stunning panels can serve as an add-on to our walleasers or other sound absorption items. Its maximum size is 2500 by 1500and has an excellent air permeability quality that does not affect acoustic function.
It installs quickly on your wall and is the ideal solution if you want to improve your living room's sound quality while adding creative appeal. 
Imagine High resolution painting acoustic panel
Ideal solution that combines function and appeal.
There are 4 awesome designs you can choose from to fit whatever the look of your interiors are: Brush painting, Fleeting Moment, Lotus, Rhaphsody in Blue
With the  Soundbox Living Room Acoustic Treatment - IMG Series package, the above designs come with the following dimensions and pieces:

400mm X 600mm - 2 Pcs 
300mm X 900mm - 2 Pcs   
300mm X 1200mm - 1 Pc
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