Bluesound Vault 2 wireless streaming Music Player and CD Ripper with Storage Drive

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Bluesound Vault
Bluesound Vault

 Rip, Store, Play, and Enjoy in Hi-Res Audio!

The Vault 2 makes the Bluesound family unique in the world of wireless music systems.
Rip all your CDs rapidly in high-resolution FLAC format, space-saving MP3, or both simultaneously. Purchase and download high-res tunes from only services like HDtracks and, no computer needed. With a noise-dampened, dedicated 2TB hard drive built right in, your music collection will know no bounds.
Compared to the original model Vault, the more powerful Dual-Core ARM® Cortex™ A9 processor allows the Vault 2 to multi-task even more effectively. Gigabit Ethernet connectivity dramatically boosts high-bandwidth demands of streaming to multiple rooms in larger homes.
Stop wasting power by leaving your computer on to access your digital music library. The Vault 2 offers a shareable access point to all other devices on the same network, including your computer. It will transform your hi-fi into a next-generation wireless multi-room system, and rediscover your own music as well as the infinite possibilities that downloading and streaming in high-res can deliver.
Connect for Sound
Using the RCA to RCA cable provided, connect the Vault 2 directly to an input on your existing stereo, amplifier or home theatre receiver. Alternatively, using the Mini Plug to RCA cable provided, connect the Vault directly to your computer, dock player, or bookshelf system. The Vault 2's coax and Toslink optical digital outputs let you connect the Vault to equipment with a digital inputs.
All Bluesound models have combined optical digital/analog inputs that can distribute music from a source connected to one Bluesound device to other devices on the network. All models have Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with aptX, for one-to-one pairing with smart devices. The hallmarks of the original Bluesound line remain, including support for high-res audio to 24/192.
Connect to Network
Connecting the Vault 2 to your home network couldn't be easier. Using the Ethernet cable provided, connect one end to the Vault, and the other end directly to your wired home network or router. That's all there is to it. To expand the capabilities of the Vault 2, use it with other Bluesound players, which connect to your home network via WiFi or Ethernet for playback in any room.
Delivers Every Detail
The Vault 2 delivers every detail of the world's most accurate 24-bit/192kHz studio master recordings in lossless FLAC format (assuming your speakers are up to the challenge). It also plays AAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, WMA, WMA-L, OGG, and MP3 audio formats. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Apple Macintosh OS X 7-10 for music sharing.
Easy Setup, Impressive Performance
Unlike many other wireless audio products, the Bluesound system is incredibly easy to set up and use. And the performance is unsurpassed.
"The entire system is designed for easy setup with no computer required. Users operate it with a smartphone or tablet BlueOS app," notes Grant Clauser in an review of the original Bluesound system for October 18, 2013 "Music from the Vault includes cover art to make it easy to find the album you're looking for… I was able to listen to all the Bluesound components in a hotel suite in New York this week. The performance was pretty impressive on all of them."
"For those people looking for a nice, simple, convenient and good-sounding one box/one app solution for ripping CDs, playing your ripped and downloaded files, streaming music from Internet radio, Rdio, Slacker Radio, and Qobuz, and purchasing music from HighResAudio, the Bluesound Vault has got your number and its one of one in today's marketplace," reports Michael Lavorgna in his, January 21, 2013 review of the original Bluesound system. "Just add an iOS or Android device as a remote and you'll be rollin' in tunes in no time."
Bluesound Music Players
Bluesound players are designed and engineered by audiophiles. They have been tested and perfected at one of North America's most advanced sound labs by some of the same engineers and musicians who started the original hi-fi revolution in the 1970s, including PSB's Paul Barton.
Add other Bluesound components for more functionality. "The entire system is designed for easy setup with no computer required," reports Grant Clauser at "Playlists can be created on the fly. Each component can be controlled individually, or grouped, so users can play different songs in each room or the same music all over the house."
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