Dynaudio Focus 200XD Wireless loudspeaker
Dynaudio Focus 200 XD

Each Focus 200 XD incorporates a 300 watt digital amplifier, perfectly optimized to the high-performance woofer and tweeter, allowing them to reproduce sound at the finest level possible. 

One will be amazed at the sheer volume, depth and power that this little loudspeaker can put out.

Crafting benchmark-setting high-end compact loudspeakers has become a tradition at Dynaudio; with their exceptionally dynamic, balanced, and bold sound, the Focus 200 XD will set a new, higher standard.

The latest chapter in this story is digital, active, and high-resolution. And with the Focus XD model range offering the option of wireless connectivity, uncompromised high-end sound quality has never been more convenient.

The Speaker Position EQ control of the Dynaudio Focus XD models allows their bass performance to be optimized relative to their placement, be it positioned near a wall boundary, in a corner, or free-standing, allowing the speakers to be perfectly integrated into any room.

The Dynaudio Stand 6 loudspeaker stands, which feature a sound-optimizing anti-resonance construction and integrated cable management, serve as the ideal companion to facilitate use of the 200 XD as a freestanding high-end monitor.

Lastly, the Focus 200 XD comes with a remote control that allows you to choose between different inputs, raise or lower the volume, power the Focus 200 XD on and off, and mute the speaker.


Technical specifications

    So, what you hear at home is the perfect reproduction of the signal

Morten Kim Nielsen, Managing Director, Dynaudio Germany
Specification sheet for Focus XD part 2 Frequency Response (± 3 dB):     39 Hz - 24 kHz
Box Principle:     Bass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover:     2 way DSP Based
Crossover Frequencies:     2500 Hz
Crossover Slope:     18 dB / Octave
Woofer:     17 cm MSP
Tweeter:     28 mm soft dome
Specification sheet for Focus XD part 1
Woofer Amplifier Power:     150 W
Tweeter Amplifier Power:     150 W
AC Power Input:     100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Standby Power Consumption:     < 0,5 W
Power Consumption:    
Dimensions (W x H x D):     198 x 360 x 307 mm


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