Dynaudio XEO3 Wireless loudspeaker
Dynaudio XEO3

The Xeo 3 is the ideal combination of easy-to-use wireless technology, high-performance digital amplification and unique Dynaudio speaker know-how.

The Xeo mid/bass driver features a membrane manufactured of Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP material, an especially lightweight aluminium voice coil, a large, powerful magnet system and an ultra-rigid, die-cast aluminium frame. A precisely coated Dynaudio soft dome tweeter is used to reproduce the high frequency range. The Xeo 3 tweeters and mid/bass drivers are acoustically optimized to the integrated amplifier via DSP (digital signal processing). You can hear the sound quality no matter what music you play: In terms of fullness and substance, the Xeo 3 exceeds anything you’d expect of such a compact speaker, and features ultra-fine detail while remaining dynamic, balanced and clear. This is a genuine Dynaudio compact speaker, renowned in high-end audio and professional studio circle, but with no speaker cables and with the ideal amplifier already built in.

Technical Specifications of Dynaudio Xeo 3 Speaker

    Frequency response 48 Hz -22 kHz
    Power consumption 4-76 W
    Power consumption standby 0.6 W (network active)
    Power rating Woofer 50 W, Tweeter: 50 W
    Dimensions (W x H XL) 170 x 281 x 246/262mm (6.7 x 11.1 x9.7/1O.3 inch)
    Power supply 100-230 V
    5 Year Official Manufacturers Warranty

The Xeo Transmitter requires no software and instantly sets up its own 2.4 GHz A-to-B connection. It may be connected to multiple sources, as it features both an optical (Toslink) digital input as well as a mini USB digital input. A stereo mini jack for connecting a Smartphone, Tablet or other personal media devices, as well as a set of RCA stereo inputs allowing connection to an existing hi-fi system are on offer.

The Xeo Transmitter converts a digital, wireless signal, sending such at full CD resolution (16 bit/48 kHz) to the Xeo 3 or Xeo 5 loudspeakers. The Xeo Transmitter even supports files up to 24 bit/48 kHz. The Xeo remote control allows for source selection between the three available inputs as well as powering the speakers on, setting the volume level, choosing an audio source, and switching the speakers off.
Depending on room shapes and wall construction, one Transmitter can send the signal up to 50 meters, or up to 100 meters in spaces without any boundaries.

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