Dynaudio Excite X34 loudspeaker
Dynaudio Excite X34

The X34 model shares air-moving hardware with the Xeo 5, so you get a pair of Dynaudio’s 5in MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) long-throw woofers with aluminium voice coils and die-cast aluminium frames. Working in parallel, these drivers cross over to the 27mm soft dome tweeter, which also sports aluminium voice coils.

When upwardly comparing the X34 to Dynaudio’s other passive ranges, an extra £1,100 buys you the equivalent model in the Focus range, the Focus 260. This employs a heavier cabinet construction and uses larger coils within its drive units, with stronger double magnets. With a claimed 4ohm load, it also demands a more capable amp to really drive it. Thanks to its more amp-friendly claimed 8ohm load, matching should be less of an issue with the X34. That said, with a quoted sensitivity of 86dB, I expect the X34 will still lend itself to amplifiers with a bit of muscle, but maybe not the arc welding type that their more costly brethren demand.

Like the Xeo 5, the X34 is constructed from 18mm MDF and each cabinet is internally strengthened by two braces. Unlike the Xeo 5, the X34’s front baffle is without visible mounting holes for its front grille, thanks to hidden magnets that hold each in place.

Also unique to the Excite floorstander models are cast alloy outrigger feet that broaden their footprint and aid stability. These are a superb design, with recessed rubber feet housing hidden spikes that can be wound into action from above (via a supplied hex key) when citing the speakers on carpets. Finally, the bass is reinforced through a tapered rear port tuned to 41Hz, which can be blocked using the supplied bungs.

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