MS HD Power 9315 IEC Plug (Silver)

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9315 Silver MS HD power plug

MS HD Power IEC plugs have patented technology for an easy yet durable fit on to mains power cables up to 16 mm diameter.

The MS9315S IEC plug is designed to be used with audio equipment for optimum power transmission through the premium quality copper components electroplated with 1.0µm silver plating.

Why Silver?

Silver has the lowest resistance of all plating materials, and the oxidisation also has a very low resistance (far lower than oxidised copper), as well as being easily cleaned off if necessary. Quite rightly, silver is the choice for those wishing for the least resistance contacts between the plug pins and socket.

The plug casing is manufactured from a premium nylon material with a ribbed surface and two recesses offering easy fitting, high durability and self damping while maintaining a light weight.


MS HD Power Audio Quality 10A IEC Plug Silver - MS9315S

Plug contacts accept 4 mm wires, clamp accepts 16 mm cable.

Important contacts are made from high spring rate phosphor bronze and 1.0µm silver plating.

Fully complies with BS-EN-60320 and patent pending.

Plug size : 75 mm x 38 mm diameter.

The heavy duty mains wire-clamps design gives an air tight connection to ensure perfect power transmission while protecting the cable from long term damage.

About MS HD Power

MS HD Power is the high end audio trading name of Winbo Industries (H.K.) Ltd. a well established Hong Kong based company with over 30 years of designing and manufacturing electrical plugs and sockets. Major products include U.K. type 13A fused plugs and IEC plugs; and European type plugs & connectors.

Winbo Industries is ISO 9001 certified company whose products are conformed to BSI, VDE, KEMA KEUR, NEMKO, IMQ, OVE, CEBEC, SEV, NF-USE, SABS, SAA and CPS.

Supported by an advanced, versatile and well organized Research and Development Team that has electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, material engineers, quality engineers and many technicians. All products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and sold at a competitive price.


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