Dynaudio XEO 2 (Wireless Music Package)

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                                  Dynaudio XEO 2  Wireless Speaker 

                 A variety of inputs: bluetooth, Toslink and much more

You have a variety of inputs available, as the compact Xeo 2 has been fitted with analog (RCA, Minijack), digital (Toslink), and wireless (Bluetooth, Hub, and Connect) inputs. This means that you, as an example, can connect your Xeo 2 directly to your television for a truly immersive movie experience. 


“The Xeo 2 actually works well when placed on either side of a television connected directly through the optical input – and when you feel like listening to your music instead of the TV, you simply stream it via Bluetooth to the Xeo 2,” says Michael R. Böwadt.


In fact, when connected through the optical input you get a digital, 192 kHz / 24-bit input that creates an impressive miniature home theater feel from this compact sound system. You can also add a Connect or Hub for a lossless, robust, and reliable signal, making it possible to have three different inputs at the same time: the TV, Bluetooth, and Connect/Hub.

Together with either the Hub or the Connect, the Xeo 2 can be integrated into a multi-room system with the other speakers in the Xeo series or the Focus XD that fill your entire home with music, giving you endless opportunities for a convenient, yet powerful audio experience.


                                       Audiolab  M-CDT  Cd Transport

The Audiolab M-CDT is a CD transport designed to perfectly complement the company's M-DAC and Q-DAC digital preamplifiers. The M-CDT features an advanced slot loading mechanism and a sophisticated digital decoder feeding digital coax and optical outputs.

To integrate the MCDT seamlessly with the rest of your system, there are also trigger and infra-red inputs, which allow remote switching. The transport can be controlled from Audiolab remote handsets such as that supplied with M-DAC.

An excellent CD transport that will make a great part of your separates system.





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