Naim Audio DAC-V1 USB DAC

Naim DAC-V1 is an asynchronous USB DAC, a perfect partner for high quality listening from your Mac or PC, with the addition of multiple digital S/PDIF inputs for other digital sources and a high quality headphone amplifier. It produces stunning sound quality from your computer and transforms it into a high-quality, high-resolution music hub.


'A big soundstage, inside which all the strands in the mix are located with laser-guided precision' (Hi-Fi Choice magazine May 2013, reviewed with Naim NAP100)

''The new Naim DAC-V1/NAP 100 combo you see before you is the Salisbury company's latest attempt to make computer audio accessible. The easiest form of high-resolution playback is, of course, straight off your computer, effectively using it as a digital transport, and the new digital converter [the Naim DAC-V1] is designed to facilitate precisely that' (Hi-Fi Choice magazine May 2013, reviewed with Naim NAP100)

'This is another masterful showing from Naim. It takes the good bits from the pricier Naim DAC, adds an excellent aysnchronous USB implementation and a volume control and packages with a really capable little amplifier that's good enough to rip into most speakers. In doing so, Naim has come up with a package that's greater even than the sum of the parts - and brilliant value too' (Hi-Fi Choice magazine May 2013, reviewed with Naim NAP100)

'Excellent sonics; fine USB implementation; packaging; compact size and fine build...super-sounding DAC that gives you easy access to hi-res music' (Hi-Fi Choice magazine May 2013)

Digital Made Musical

Connect the DAC-V1 to your PC, Mac or Laptop via a standard A to B USB cable and the quality of your music will be defined not by the limitations of the computer hardware, but by the quality of the data itself. And with DAC-V1 that can be incredibly high, up to 24bit/384kHz resolution.

Flexible Yet Powerful

While the DAC-V1 is perfectly suited to being positioned on a desk near a computer it is also highly versatile. It can integrate seamlessly into a traditional hi-fi system or be used with any two-channel digital audio source such as a games console, satellite box or any other device with a digital output via one of its five S/PDIF digital inputs. The DAC-V1 can also be combined with the Naim UnitiServe hard disk music server and its matching power amplifier, the NAP 100, to create a compact high-end music system.

Connect to:

- PC/Mac/Laptop – Make the most of music from your computer via asynchronous USB
- Hard disk player – Create a compact powerful system by using DAC-V1 with NAP 100 and UnitiServe
- Games Console – Immerse yourself in games and multi-media sound from your favourite console
- CD Player – Take over preamplifier and DAC duties for your CD player and give extra connectivity
- DVD Player – Play sound from your movies, documetaries, live concerts and more
- Satellite TV Receiver – Improve the sound quality of your TV or set top box
- Speakers – use DAC-V1 with NAP 100 power amp to drive a wide range of demanding speakers
- Headphones – play direct through your headphones from the front panel of the DAC-V1


- Asynchronous USB (High Speed): Type B
- Digital Inputs: 5 S/PDIF (1 coaxial BNC, 2 coaxial RCA, 2 optical TOSLINK)

- IR Input: Front
- Handheld: Remote handset included
- Other: Front panel buttons and touch-sensitive logo mute function

- Windows: Windows 7 and 8 (up to 24bit/348kHz) Custom driver available
- Mac OSX: OSX 10.7 and above (up to 24bit/384kHz)

- Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20kHz +0.1dB/-0.5dB
- THD: <0.002%
- Analogue Outputs: 2 (RCA and DIN) Variable Pre-amp Output Line Output Fixed: 2.1V RMS
- Headphone outputs: 1⁄4 inch (6.35mm) TRS Socket

- USB: 44.1kHz to 384kHz
- S/PDIF: 32kHz to 192kHz, 24bit

- Power Consumption (maximum): <17VA
- Supply Voltage: 115V or 230V, 50 or 60Hz


- Dimensions: 87 x 207 x 314mm (H x W x D)
- Finish: Black powder coated

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