Audiolab 8200AP HD AV Processor (Display Unit)

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The Audiolab 8200AP incorporates significantly enhanced circuitry to ensure audio performance remains firmly centre stage. The 8200AP is a 7.1-channel, HDMI 1.4 compliant analogue/digital preamplifier and surround sound processor that focuses on simplicity, ease of use and above all, sound quality – as befits the impeccable audio pedigree of its maker. It does not attempt to impress with a never-ending list of features and formats – once installed, it simply performs, and performs brilliantly. The preamp/processor connects to a wide range of audio and AV sources via an impressive roster of inputs, both analogue and digital, and can deliver everything from pure, unadulterated two-channel stereo to full-scale 7.1-channel surround sound. 


'Married to high-quality power amplification, the Audiolab is a fabulous performer, and its refreshing simplicity is an absolute joy... it can only be considered an audiophile bargain' (Home Cinema Choice magazine)

'the Audiolab delivers an equally rich sound that is right up there with dedicated stereo pre-amps' (Home Cinema Choice magazine)

'leaves you forgetting about the system itself and enjoying your music and movies - smooth and refined at the top end with a fabulous dynamic range that begs you to go large with the volume control' (Home Cinema Choice magazine)


The 8200AP’s circuit design and component selection are focused upon achieving the highest standards of performance. Cirrus Logic CS494003 Dual DSP processor deliver ample processing power, taking care of surround sound decoding, LPCM processing and bass management.  

A high-quality, digitally addressed analogue volume control is applied at the end of the output stage, fed either from the post-DAC active filters, or directly from the analogue inputs if used in Direct Mode When using the 7.1 bypass input or the analogue inputs in Direct Mode, the signal purity is fully retained with a pure, direct path that fully bypasses all processing circuitry. The generously sized, four-layer PCB design ensures minimum electromagnetic interaction between sensitive components, and the linear power supply features a high-quality toroidal transformer and 14 regulated supplies, delivering low-noise power to the individual circuits plus a high degree of isolation between the analogue and digital domains. Other performance-enhancing features include a new jitter-reduction circuit, reducing jitter via HDMI by more than 30 times.

The 8200AP’s inherent simplicity and elegant internal design are its strength, not just in ensuring it is easy to use, but also in attaining the best possible sound quality. The 8200AP focuses on the essentials to make a great, affordable AV preamp/processor that is dedicated to exceptional audio performance. 

It doesn’t skimp on important facilities; it simply removes unnecessary features and ensures that critical circuits are designed and engineered to the highest standards. For anyone wishing to build a flexible, multimedia AV system capable of genuine high-fidelity sound, as adept with music as it is with movies, the 8200AP is the perfect solution.

With a wide range of processing modes for both analogue and digital inputs this is a preamp/processor able of making the most of both stereo and multichannel sources. From two-channel music to 7.1 soundtracks and everything in-between, the Audiolab’s performance is crisp, clean, dynamic and detailed – true to the original source in manner that few home cinema components can muster. There is power and punch aplenty, but also subtlety and insight – a truly high-end performance across all media the like of which is usually associated with much more costly, specialised AV components.


- Audiolab 8200AP
- Processing Power: Dual DSP Cirrus Logic CS494003 – 24-bit front end / 32-bit post processing
- D/A Converters: 24-bit/192kHz bit-stream
- A/D Converters: 24-bit / 48kHz bit-stream
- Audio Processing Modes:Dolby: Dolby Digital • Dolby Digital EX • Dolby Pro Logic II • Dolby Pro Logic IIX
  DTS: DTS • DTS ES Matrix • DTS ES Discrete • DTS 96/24 • DTS NEO:6
- Other Audio Modes: PCM Stereo (24-bit/192kHz) • HDCD • 2 Ch. PCM 24-bit/192kHz via HDMI • 8 Ch. PCM 24-bit/96kHz via HDMI • 7.1 Analogue Bypass • Analogue Direct Mode
- HDMI 1.4a (max. resolution 1080p/60Hz, 36-bit Deep Colour, 3D pass through) • OSD (On-Screen Display) Composite Video (PAL/NTSC)
-  Inputs: 4x HDMI inputs • 3x coaxial digital S/PDIF inputs • 4x optical digital S/PDIF inputs • 5x RCA phono analogue inputs • 8x RCA phono analogue inputs (7.1 bypass)
- Outputs: 1x HDMI output • 1x optical digital S/PDIF output • 8x RCA phono analogue outputs (7.1) • 1x RCA phono analogue tape out • 1x OSD output (composite video)
- Other Connections: 1x RS232 communications port
- Other Features: Adjustable D/A filter response • 2x upsampling (on digital PCM, HDCD and analogue sources) • Separate analogue and digital power supplies with 14 regulated supplies • Jitter reduction circuit for recovered     HDMI audio clock • Q-SET (easy set-up via front panel display) • Digital S/PDIF ‘tape’ output.


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