Mission 79AS Active Subwoofer

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Mission 79AS Active Subwoofer


The Mission 79as is a powerful 300W active subwoofer in a compact enclosure, featuring a 200mm bass driver and is a perfect partner for other speakers in this Mission range for a full home cinema set-up. The 79as combines Mission's 30 years of experience and craftsmanship into a high performance subwoofer.

Mission 7 series loudspeakers have always been afforded the highest respect, both in critical listening and for their iconic style. The 79as is no exception and embraces this tradition with aplomb, elevating the performance and design to new heights.

Finished in gloss rosewood or gloss black.

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Careful design and manufacturing has allowed Mission to achieve a synergy with  drive units being very closely matched to their cabinets and intended frequency responses. As such, only a simple crossover is  required, built using high quality components. In contrast to most crossovers, this design preserving signal purity and phase linearity, maintaining the highest standards of performance. 

The 79as also represents a significant step-forward in enclosure design. A multi-layer cabinet construction utilises 3 different densities of resonant absorbing particle composite. These layers are laminated with RF activated resin to provide further isolation of vibration and prevent layer interaction. Each layer and material type is tuned to damp different frequencies of cabinet resonance, combining to reduce lateral and longtitudinal transmission of vibration significantly throughout the cabinet structure.

The effect of such careful cabinet design is a completely rigid enclosure with drastically reduced colouration and resonance. The result is much purer sound quality and a very stylish cabinet featuring graceful, gentle curves and finished in either a high quality black gloss or rosewood gloss finish.


- Enclosure type: Sealed box
- Components: bass250mm
- Frequency Response + 3dB: 25 Hz - 110Hz
- Sensitivity: SPL/M @ 2.83V250mV for 100W
- Volume: 42 litres
- Recommended Amplifier: Integrated 300W amplifier
- Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 460 x 310 x 500
- Package Quantity: Single
- Gloss Piano Finishes: Black, White
- Included Accessories: Remote Controller

Other Features:
- Filters 6 x 10Hz 
- Steps volume Phase
- 4 Pre-set Memories 
- Cabinet Status Display


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