Primare SP32 Full HD AV Processor

Primare SP32 Full HD AV Processor

The Primare SP32 is a new audiophile eight channel pre-amplifier/processor, fully balanced, with full RS-232 control, comprehensive video switching via 1.3 compliant HDMI and powerful custom configuration. The SP32 is the natural successor to the successful SP31. The SP32 is complete with the full gamut of Dolby® and dts® multi-channel audio formats, and supporting decoded multi-channel PCM audio from Full HD sources through no fewer than three switchable HDMI1.3 A/V inputs. Other features include a dedicated 7.1 channel input, balanced inputs/outputs, fully configurable format independent bass management, discrete IR and full RS232 operation, programmable triggers, and upgradable architecture.

As the first of a new generation of Primare home entertainment products however, the SP32 represents a considerable evolutionary advance in terms of design, performance, user flexibility and versatility. It is one of the first Primare products to offer a truly modular design platform, which allows for entire audio, video, control sections to be upgraded in future. 

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The SP32 features a modular design that allows for DSP, video and connections to be upgraded with proprietary Primare boards, incorporating thoroughly evaluated and optimised versions of the latest technologies and connectors. This makes the SP32 an ideal high-end audio and video processing platform for many years to come. Almost every parameter in the configuration of the SP32 can be user defined. Any input can be assigned a name and associated with any audio and video source. Surround format, trigger activation and input sensitivity can be specified for each input, and surround formats can be custom-set for level, speaker type, crossover frequency, delay and bass configuration. A 140mS of delay adjustment is incorporated for the best possible picture to sound synchronisation. All of the SP32’s functions can be controlled in three ways: from the front panel, IR or RS232.

The SP32 provides three HDMI v1.3 inputs for audio and video, incorporating a user-selectable audio processing and bypass function. HDMI v1.3 capability is significant because it carries uncompressed multi-channel PCM audio from a Blu-ray player through the SP32’s DACs to the amplifiers and loudspeakers. This means that while Primare’s proprietary HD audio board is being perfected, HD audio in its highest resolution is processed through the SP32 and is immediately available to all SP32 owners.

Eight pairs of unbalanced and two pairs of balanced analogue audio inputs are provided together with seven digital audio inputs (incl. professional AES/EBU). Via the ‘input settings’ menu, any audio input can be assigned to any of the 3 Component, 3 S-Video and 4 Composite video inputs, for simultaneous output to the Component, S-Video and Composite analogue video outputs. 7.1 channel analogue audio inputs are also provided for the connection to DVD-A / SACD players. Both balanced and unbalanced pre-amplified audio outputs (FL, FR, C, SUB, SR, SL, SBL, SBR) are provided for connection to any type of power amplifier. Three 12V high current DC-triggers are provided, as well as IR and RS232 inputs.

  • Modular Design architecture
  • Multi-Channel PCM Compatible
  • Dolby® Digital, Prologic IIX, EX 7.1, dts®, dts-ES 6.1, Neo6
  • 1080p HDMI Switching, Component / Composite / S-Video
  • DVD-A & SACD 7.1 Input
  • Fully Configurable & Format independent Bass Management
  • Two Balanced Source Inputs
  • 7.1 Balanced Outputs
  • Discrete IR & Full RS232 Operation
  • Programmable Triggers
  • Available in Black or Titanium


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