Audiolab 8200P 2 Channel Power Amplifier


The Audiolab 8200P stereo power amplifier is an upgrade on the 8000P, offering a powerful 100W output (8 ohms) with twin terminals for biwiring, available in black or silver. Although the 8200P looks similar to the outgoing 8000P, don't be fooled - this is far from a cosmetic update. Audiolab have completely revised this model with the latest design techniques to offer effortless power.

The 8200P can be used with the 8200Q pre amplifier in a two channel set-up, or use two (one for each speaker with one channel powering the LF drivers and one channel powering the HF drivers). You could even use it as part of a 5 or 7 channel home cinema set-up with the 8200M providing power for the odd channels and the 8200AP taking up the processing duties.

In any combination the 8200P excels in offering smooth, effortless power and delivery. It's also perfectly matched in sound and size to the Audiolab 8200CD and Audiolab 8200CDQ CD players.



- Stereo (two channel) power amplifier
- Power: 100W (8 Ohms)
- Inputs: Phono (RCA)
- 12v Trigger input and output
- Twin terminals for bi-wiring
- Toroidal power transformer 


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