Audiolab 8200CDQ OLED CD Player with Pre-Amp (Display Unit)

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The Audiolab 8200CDQ is a fully-featured integrated DAC and CD transport of advanced specification, and impeccable performance, with the inclusion of a pre and headphone amplifier. Exhibiting a number of digital inputs including USB, coax, and optical, the 8200CDQ is the most flexible integrated DAC / CD on the market. This is the latest version with OLED display.

The designers at Audiolab have focused on compatibility with the USB capable of interfacing with a number of media players including WMP, iTunes, and iRiver. Additionally it is capable of playing full HD audio sources up to 24Bit 96kHz through the asynchronous USB design.

Designed around the advanced ESS Sabre32 9018 DAC, the 8200CDQ delivers optimal sonic performance from digital sources. The ESS DAC in conjunction with Audiolab’s proprietary discrete master clock circuit manages to achieve 100% jitter attenuation within the digital domain. This is expressed through music playback with unrivaled detail and timing.

Comprised of over 1700 components using precision SMT manufacturing on a 4 layer PCB, the Audiolab 8200CDQ is the most advanced electronic design in Audiolab’s long history.



'Excellent performance with CD and digital inputs; fine internal preamp; improved display...improves on the 8200CD...into the (considerable) bargain' (What Hi-Fi magazine September 2011)

'The CDQ retains the sonic character of the original 8200, but adds an extra dose of solidity, a little more detail and stronger dynamics. The gains aren't massive but they extend Audiolab's already impressive lead at this price. The preamp section maintains the high standard. It sounds impressively transparent through any one of its three line level inputs, and had no trouble delivering fine results into a range of power amps' (What Hi-Fi magazine September 2011)

8200CDQ Additional Features

The 8200CDQ sports the same specifications as the 8200CD with the addition of a complete digital/analogue preamplifier. Existing digital inputs and outputs are joined by three line-level analogue inputs, providing source selection and volume control in the analogue domain.

The preamplifier section is fully balanced and all analogue input signals are converted to balanced form, helping to reduce distortion and noise. Class A gain structures are present throughout, and users may choose between preamplification in the analogue or digital domain in respect of the digital inputs.

In addition, the 8200CDQ is one of the few high quality CD players to feature a direct-coupled, discrete, Class A headphone amplifier, accessible via a socket on the front panel.


- Exceptional connectivity, including a USB port and XLR outputs
- USB port can be used to enhance the quality of digital audio playback from a PC, Mac etc.
- Any PC/Mac media player (iTunes etc.) can be controlled via the Audiolabʼs remote handset
- USB port also allows the player to be upgraded via firmware updates in the future
- Four selectable digital filters enable the user to tailor the sound to his/her own taste
- Ultra-high-quality 32-bit DAC from ESS Technology
- Proprietary, discrete master clock ensures ultra-low jitter
- Balanced, discrete, Class A output stages maximise sound quality
- Pre amplifier with 3 line-level inputs / source selection / volume control
- Class A headphone amplifier included



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