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Audiolab 8200CD is a fully-featured CD player and 5 input DAC of advanced specifications and impeccable performance, What Hi-Fi's CD Player of the year 2010, available in black or silver. Exhibiting a number of digital inputs including USB, coax, and optical, the 8200CD is the most flexible integrated CD player and DAC on the market. This is the latest version with OLED display.

The designers at Audiolab have focused on compatibility with the USB capable of interfacing with a number of media players including WMP, iTunes, and iRiver. Additionally it is capable of playing full HD audio sources up to 24Bit 96kHz through the asynchronous USB design. It's also one of few CD players anywhere near this price to include balanced XLR outputs.

The Audiolab 8200CD is the most advanced electronic design in Audiolab’s long history. Designed around the advanced ESS Sabre32 9018 DAC, the 8200CD delivers optimal sonic performance, expressed through music playback with unrivaled detail and timing. A perfect partner for other 8200 components including the Audiolab 8200A or 8200Q with 8200P, 8200M or 8200MBs pre/power combos.

The 8200CD features an array of digital outputs and digital inputs (allowing you to use its advanced DAC with other digital sources). In fact, for a CD player at this level, the number of inputs/outputs available including balanced output is impressive. As Audiolab's advertising campaign said, just "check out that rear!".



"BEST CD PLAYER UPTO £1000" (Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2011)

"BEST CD PLAYER £500 - £1000" (What Hi-Fi Awards 2010)

'The 8200CD is as sonically detailed a player as we've heard at this price level. Take a listen to a densely populated album such as the Inception OST and the Audiolab will uncover a massive amount of detail... most impressive of all is its naturalness. It sounds organic in a way few digital products can, and is utterly convincing in the manner in which it delivers the nuances of a voice or the unfurling of an orchestral crescendo' (What Hi-Fi Awards 2010)

'The 8200CD is an absolutely brilliant package for the money. At last Cyrus has a competitor to worry about...Astonishingly good sound for the money; terrific DAC; superb build; nice remote control' (What Hi-Fi magazine)

'We reckon the onboard DAC alone would be worth something approaching £400 - astonishing considering the Audiolab already undercuts the Cyrus by £225. In fact, we reckon the 8200CD would still get five stars if it was priced at £1500' (What Hi-Fi magazine December 2010)

'One of the finest CD players available; at £700 it’s simply a steal...excellent detail, neutrality and communication...if you are in the market at anywhere up, at least, a grand, the 8200CD could just be the piece of equipment that makes you want to say in the demo room 'where's the cash register?' (Hi-Fi Choice magazine December 2010)


- State-of-the-art CD player and 5 input DAC
- Exceptional connectivity options (just look at the rear above!)
- Analog outputs: RCA (phono) pair & XLR (balanced) pair
- Digital inputs: 2 x 24-bit/192kHz coaxial S/PDIF, 2 x 96kHz optical, 1 x USB
- 4 x selectable digital filters enable the user to tailor the sound to his/her own taste
- USB port for connection to PC/Mac
- Control any PC/Mac media player (iTunes etc.) using the 8200CD remote handset
- Upgrade the 8200CD player firmware in future using the USB
- Ultra-high-quality 32-bit DAC from ESS Technology
- Proprietary, discrete master clock ensures ultra-low jitter
- Balanced, discrete, Class A output stages maximise sound quality
- Dimensions (mm): 75H x 445W x 330D



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