Naim Audio DAC Digital to Analogue Convertor

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The Naim DAC marks a technical milestone comparable to their first CD player, the CDS. The CDS demonstrated that CD replay and lifelike music reproduction were not mutually exclusive. Now, the Naim DAC demonstrates that the jitter and noise that bedevil traditional external digital to analogue converters can be overcome and a new route to the real enjoyment of music opened.

The Naim DAC provides eight S/PDIF inputs, two USB inputs, and is capable of handling audio data sampled at up to 768kHz and with up to 32bit resolution. It not only brings all the digital inputs together into the analogue domain, but does so with a level of performance that can compete with the finest from any Naim CD player to provide unrivalled musical fulfilment.

Listening to the Naim DAC is a revelation. Music, whether its source be an iPod, a CD or a high-resolution data file, is presented afresh, with more definition, more insight, more warmth, and simply more of those hard-to-define clues of rhythm, melody and emotion that distinguish the real thing from pale imitation. The Naim DAC is an advance that brings real music in the home closer to reality than ever before.

If exceptional music making is the first hallmark of the Naim DAC, the second is versatility. Versatility comes thanks to S/PDIF inputs that can accommodate either optical or coaxial formats and USB inputs that can accommodate memory sticks and Apple iPod and iPhone models. It arises also from the numerous Naim system upgrades that the DAC makes possible. Simultaneously with its introduction, the CDX2 and CD5 XS CD players have gained S/PDIF outputs and can now benefit significantly from use with the DAC. With the addition of a DAC, existing preamplifiers can be incorporated into digital audio systems.

The Naim DAC can be controlled by a Naim preamplifier remote control, seamlessly integrating analogue and digital inputs across the two units. The DAC becomes an extension of the preamplifier. And when a USB stick, iPod or iPhone is docked, the DAC front panel input buttons transform to operate as playback controls.

Each element of the Naim DAC has a vital role to play in its musical virtuosity, but it is not just the specifics of each that is important, it is their organization also. The influence of signal path, the microphony of circuit boards, the impact of track layout, the noise contribution of components, the noise sensitivity of others - each one is vital, and each one influences every other.

The DAC signal path is fundamentally simple. The SHARC DSP, operating as a filter, receives the data, then over-samples and low-pass filters the data and feeds it to the SHARC's peripheral memory. Also operating as a buffer; the memory outputs data clocked by the oscillator. The DAC chips turn digital into an analogue current, and the I to V converters turn current into voltage. The analogue low-pass filter removes high frequency artifacts, and buffers the signal for a preamplifier.

Designing an external digital to analogue converter capable of offering the exceptional musical performance obligatory for a Naim product brings numerous technical challenges. In particular, the S/PDIF interface protocol for digital interconnection has significant jitter and noise problems. Original solutions to these problems had to be conceived and developed.

Along with being a source of jitter, S/PDIF is a potential source of RF noise. The Naim DAC suppresses S/PDIF noise through electrical isolation of its DSP front end from the digital to analogue converter and analogue circuits. Each element is also run from separate power supplies.

The Naim DAC's digital filtering is handled by a powerful SHARC DSP chip running unique Naim authored code to create an ultra high precision 40bit floating point filter. The filter over-samples by 16 times on 44.1 kHz data and provides stop-band attenuation of 180dB on all data. Following the digital filter are the two mono Burr-Brown digital to analogue converter chips, as used in the CD555 CD player. Finally the Naim DAC features a very high performance, low noise, and low distortion fully discrete analogue output stage.

Ground breaking technology and digital audio engineering however are purely academic. Listening to the Naim DAC is something else entirely. Startling in its clarity, arresting in its detail, beguiling in its warmth and inspiring in its rhythm, the Naim DAC seduces from the first note

  • Zero S/PDIF jitter design

  • 8 S/PDIF inputs: 2 75 BNC, 2 RCA and 4 TOSLINK (EIAJ optical)

  • 2 USB inputs
  • 10 separate sine wave (Colpitts) generated clocks for lowest RF noise generation.
  • Fixed frequency clocks for zero S/PDIF Jitter
  • 16 Times oversampling or 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz signals
  • Automatically switches to asynchronous sample rate conversion if input is out of specification
  • Memory buffered digital input
  • Naim custom designed digital filtering and 16 times oversampling (aka Integer Up sampling)
  • Two mono PCM1704 DACs as used in Naim CD555
  • Power supply upgradeable - just add a Naim XPS or 555 PS
  • Includes Apple Authentication chip
  • Full digital connection to iPod (5th Gen onwards) and iPhone
  • USB Stick music playback to 24Bit 768 kHz with control of tracks played
  • Isolated S/PDIF inputs
  • Power Supply and Digital processing completely isolated from DACs and Audio Output
  • Remote controllable Naim standard remote or Apple remote
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Ground switchable for optimal performance with all systems
  • iPod charging is switchable for best sound quality - Not Charging
  • SHARC processor for flexibility in digital filtering and future upgradeability
  • Fully input integrates with a Naim integrated amplifier or pre-amplifier becomes inputs 7-10
  • Front input buttons double as transport function buttons when USB or iPod is connected.
  • Linear Power Supply
  • 210 VA toroidal transformer with 26 regulated low impedance supplies
  • New bayonet PCB mounting for critical circuit boards
  • Switchable Din or RCA analogue output connectors decoupled from case for low microphony
  • Slim line non-magnetic low-resonance chassis and sleeve
  • Machined from solid, brushed and anodised front panel
  • Designed and manufactured in Salisbury England


  • Audio Output
2 (RCA or DIN Selectable)
  • Power supply
100V, 115V, 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Format's
USB-WAV (LCPM > 768Hz/24Bit)
  • Power Consumption
<30VA (inc iPod Charging)
  • Frequency Response 1
10Hz - 20kHz
  • THD
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • Weight
  • Finish
Black. Adonised fascia


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