Audio Pro Living LV-2 Wireless Speaker

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LISTENING TO THE REVOLUTION To understand how radically people has changed their listening behaviours is fundamental to take part of the revolution at hand. Audio Pro is one of the first to truly support this revolution. We want you to enjoy your music from your computer or handheld device wirelessly. No cables. No fuss. In good quality. We embrace the revolution. Do you?
AS EASY AS COUNTING TO 3 We design our products to be very easy to use. That\\\'s why our speakers only needs power, our wireless units needs no software and our transmitter only a sound source. Connect the speakers to power, connect the transmitter to your computer (or other device) and play your music. It\\\'s as simple as that!
UNIQUE SPEAKERS WITH WIRELESS RECEIVER The Living-series consists of unique loudspeakers that only requires a power cord, the music is transmitted effortlessly and without demanding installations. With advanced DSP, digital amplifier, digital crossovers and D/A converter you will get an outstanding tailormade sound experience. The performance benefits of active over passive loudspeakers are substantial. Even a system, which incorporates the best available stand-alone power amplifier, will never achieve the performance of a similar active system. The reason is the digital world.
UNIQUE NETWORK FOR BEST QUALITY Audio Pro Network uses a dedicated, protected protocol which is in 2.4 GHz-band for best possible sound quality. The transmission is in full CD quality which makes it possible to play uncompressed formats such as FLAC, Apple Lossless etc. We have a built-in “sniffer” system to sniff out any other wireless channels which may potentially give interference. This “sniffer” system automatically jumps between free RF(Radio Frequency) channels so no interference will occur. Using frequency hopping before listening, the system switch channel before any interference occurs. The system progressively control our audio bands. This ensures that the Audio Pro network work and coexist with other wireless systems. We have a built-in security that filters RF interference from other wireless networks.
WIRELESS AUDIO FROM WHATEVER YOU LIKE Our flexible wireless transmitter makes it possible to connect to any soundsource. You can connect it directly to your computers USB port or to your stereo or iPod-, iPhone- and iPad-dock via 3.5 mm stereo cable. Done! Now you can enjoy perfect wireless sound. You can connect any soundsoruce which has a sound output (such as headphones out) to the transmitter, and all powered speakers which has line in to the receiver (separate USB powersupply is needed if the unit doesn\'t have USB power supply.)
MULTIROOM MADE SIMPLE With our House Codes you can have up to three separate audio networks in your home, using three different transmitters. You can listen to different music in different rooms at the same time. Or listen to the same music in all rooms by setting all receivers/speakers to same House Code. (On the 2.4GHz band we use channel 1, 6 and 11.)
MULTIROOM WITH VOLUME ZONES With the Living speakers you can divide each House Code into three different volume zones. You cna have one volume setting in your livingroom, another in the kitchen, and a third in the bedroom, all using the same source and House Code. A volume zone doesn\'t need to be just a room, can be a whole house floor. The volume in the zones can be adjusted on all speakers which have same House Code setting. So you can be in the kitchen and adjust the volume in the livingroom.
PLAY DIRECTLY FROM YOU IPAD OR IPHONE With Apple AirPlay you can stream every tune and playslist in your iTunes library - wirelessly - in your whole home. And in line with our philosophy you can easily connect and use Apple Airplay in combination with our wireless concept. The only thing you need to do is to connect our transmitter to an Airport Express, then you are ready to enjoy your digital music from your iPad or iPhone.
WORKS WITH ALL MUSIC PLAYERS As you can listen to any soundsource through our wireless network, you can of course enjoy all sofware you have on your computer or portable unit. It doesn\'t matter whether your music comes from Spotify, iTunes, Winamp, Wimp, Grooveshark or Rhapsody. If you can play the music, you can enjoy it wireless in our network.
FUTURE SOLUTIONS IN ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY OF TODAY Audio Pro always uses the most advanced and tested technologies to give you the quality expected from us. How about a Burr/Brownanvänder sig alltid av de mest avancerade och beprövade teknikerna för att ge våra kunder det de förväntar sig av oss. Eller vad sägs om en Burr-Brown D/A-converter with 24 bits resolution or a Sonix soundprocessor with advanced noise reduction and sophisticated sophisticated error correction algorithms for best possible sound reproduction and extremely high efficiency?


 Audio Pro Living LV 2 Wireless Speaker


Seize the moment and give your computer the quality love it deserves.

The time has past when it was enough to place two graphite-grey speakers beside the computer with drivers that had problems delivering the weakest of basses and smoothest of trebles. Now, you would rather enjoy wireless music from your wireless computer to your wireless speakers. Your ears want to live with a high-tech and innovative loudspeaker that delivers far beyond its size. Your ears want to get music from a wireless High End hifi speaker. 

LV2 is a full active digital speaker at 4x25W per pair, with a built-in wireless receiver that makes music so much easier to enjoy. The digital Class D amplifier is tailormade for the drivers. When it’s built like this, you can control the amplifier to deliver exactly what the drivers needs. Everything is handled digitally. LV2 is a small speaker fitted in a much bigger suit. 

It is a luxuriously chiselled cabinet surrounded with white or black leather. Luxury on the inside. And on the outside.



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Powered wireless loudspeaker system with DSP, 2 way bass reflex cabinet.

Amplifier: 2 x 25W + 2 x 25W (digital Class D)

Adaptive biquad coefficients for EQ and DRC filters.

Thermal and short-circuit protection.

High damping factor provides more accurate soundreproduction.

Tweeter: 1” soft dome

Woofer: 4.5”

Frequency range: 45 – 22.000Hz

Crossover frequency: 4000Hz (24dB/octave L/R)

Dimensions HxWxD: 210x145x180mm



- Superior high end sound, tailormade digital amplifier

- Built-in wireless receiver in each speaker

- 2x25W Class D amplifier and DSP in each speaker

- Luxorious encasing in white or black leather

- Wireless full CD quality sound

- Remote control for master and zone volume

- Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds

- Wireless range room to room: Up to 20 meters

- Wireless range same room: Up to 50 meters

- Wireless range open field: Up to 100 meters

- No interference or audible delays

- Works with both Mac and PC

- Plug ‘n play, no software needed

- Extensive multiroom possibilities

- RF band: 2.4GHz

- Sample rate: 48 KHz

- Dedicated proprietary protocol network

- USB 2.0 interface

Fully Imported from Sweden



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