Primare SP31 Multi-Channel Processor (Display Set)

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Intuitive user interface
Primare has taken great care to develop an intuitive way of controlling the SP31’s powerful range of features, designed so that it will not distract you from the pleasure of listening to music or watching movies through your system. Features can be accessed using the SP31’s remote control keypad or from the front panel controls.

Easy to set-up
The SP31 is also exceptionally easy to set-up for perfectly balanced surround sound in any environment. The level of each channel may automatically be calibrated by using a
microphone (not supplied) located at the listening position. The built-in calibration test will then balance the level of each output to give a correct sound image for your system and listening room.


Analogue inputs 1 Balanced, 7 RCA
Digital inputs 1 Balanced, 5 RCA, 2 TOS-Link
Video inputs 4 Composite, 3 S-Video, 2 component
Balanced analogue outputs Front (Left and Right)
Analogue outputs Front (Left and Right)
Center, Sub,
Surr (Left and Right)
Surr Back (Left and Right)
Analogue Record Output 1 RCA (Left and Right)
Digital Output 1 TOS-Link and 1 RCA
Video Output 2 Composite and 2 S-Video, 1 component
Modes Bypass
Dolby ProLogic II
Dolby ProLogic II Cinema
Dolby ProLogic II Music
Dolby Digital
DTS ES 6.1,
DTS ES 6.1 discrete,
DTS NEO:6 Cinema,
DTS NEO:6 Music
External “Primare Surround EX 7.1”
Video NTSC/PAL, Component, S-Video and Composite
Other out-/inputs 1 IR input
1 Mic input
4 12V outputs (triggers)
1 RS232
Power consumption Stand by <38W
Analog data
Bandwidth 1 Hz-100 kHz – 1 dB
THD <0.005%, 20 Hz-20 kHz
Signal-to-noise -110 dB
Frequency response <10 Hz-100 kHz, 1 dB
Input impedance 15 kΩ, unbalanced
Input impedance 10 kΩ, balanced
Output impedance 50 Ω
Digital data
Frequency response 20 Hz-20 kHz ± 0,2 dB
THD+noise 0,005% @1 kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 430 x 385 x 100 mm
Weight 10 kg




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