RGPC High Tension Wire [AC-US / 15A] Power Cord [1.0m] - (Showroom)

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RGPC HighTensionWire
8-gauge power cords
High-performance replacements for stock power cords that come with amplifiers, subwoofers, video displays, preamp/processors, source components and other A/V equipment
Provide highest delivery of current with the least compromise
Contain no Teflon or other dielectrics that can compromise performance
Loose geometry reduces inductance and capacitance found in many stock and esoteric power cords
Unlike other power cords, RGPC HighTensionWire does not “over-damp” signals, which causes high-frequency roll-offs, dulling of sound, and visual aberrations
Deliver power as neutrally as possible to gear
Hear and feel bass impact and definition, see increased dimensionality and color saturation you won’t get using stock power cords
Right angle, low-profile
Patent-pending design allows more of the AC signal to pass through unrestricted
Available with 15-amp or 20-amp IEC connectors
Can be custom-terminated at any length desired
Can fit flat panel displays or 240-volt plugs

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