Acoustic System International Gold Resonator

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The full resonator setup system for a regular retangular room proceeds in eight consecutive steps. Step 1 is suitable for the Silver, Gold, Gold Special and Platinum models. It affixes a single resonator to the mid point of the wall behind the speaker (directly on the wall or to whatever piece of furnishing sits in its place). The height of the resonator should be within a 30cm to 60cm window above the tweeters of your speakers.

The only suitable model for Step 2 is the Basic. Install it on wall behind the speakers at the mid point (in line with but below the first resonator) and don't exceed 15cm in height when measured from the floor.

The suitable models for Step 3 are Silver, Gold, Gold Special and Platinum. This resonator controls the room's high frequency response and should be installed as high as possible, once again at the mid point of the front wall and no lower than 15cm from the ceiling.
Step 4 should only use the Silver or Gold Special models. This position is very effective to open up the corners. The wooden base must be installed on the sidewall but butt right up against the front wall. It should sit slightly lower than the center resonator of Step 3 but no lower than 5cm from the ceiling.
As in Step 4, only the Silver or Gold Special models are applicable for Step 5. This position controls the room corners' low frequency response. The position is the mirrored equivalent of the previous step and this pair of resonators should not sit higher than maximally 5cm above the floor.

Step 6 can use the Gold or Platinum versions. Install these units on the side walls as high as possible. Relative to your listening position, these resonators should align within a plus 100cm, minus 50cm window in front of and behind your chair. These two units cancel the sidewall reflections and reduce low-frequency resonance.

Step 7 uses the Silver, Gold Special or Platinum models and faces the previously installed resonator from Step.3.

The Silver or Gold Special models are suitable for Step 8. This pair should be installed as high as possible on the sidewalls and butt right up against the rear wall. This location is very useful for smaller rooms with big speakers.



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