Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun (Offer Price)

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The Milty Zerostat Gun is designed for removing dust from vinyl, turntables and other dust sensitive devices; it works by eliminating the electrostatic charge on for example the LP record thus making the record inert. Plus many additional uses where dust attraction is a problem
Just squeeze the trigger of the Milty Zerostat and a steady stream of ions is released. The magic comes from two powerful piezoelectric crystals and a patented compression trigger. One can reasonably expect in the order of 10,000 cycles during the lifetime of the Zerostat unit. The Zerostat needs no batteries or electrical supply nor does it contain any radioactive components.
Each Zerostat unit has a "two cycle" type of operation, when the trigger is squeezed, positive ions are generated and when the trigger is relaxed, negative ions flow. This means that it is possible to induce a charge on a neutral surface using the Zerostat. If the trigger is squeezed, and the Zerostat is then removed from the surface (and before allowing the trigger to return to its original position), a positive charge will be induced. Similarly, pointing the Zerostat at the surface only for the release of the trigger will induce a negative charge.

  • Designed for removing dust from vinyl, turntables and other dust sensitive devices;
  • Zerostat keeps film, glass, plastic ware, and photographic lenses dust and lint free.
  • Two powerful piezoelectric crystals.
  • The Zerostat needs no batteries


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