Clearaudio da Vinci V2 95dB [MC] Cartridge

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da Vinci V2

The clearaudio "da Vinci" V2 is mechanical, magnetic and electrically completely symmetrical designed and handcrafted Moving Coil cartridge of the highest quality.
For a faster resonance conduction, the aluminium body is covered with an extreme rigid and 30 micron thick ceramic layer. The clearaudio patented construction of the MC cartridge "da Vinci" V2, has the lightest moving mass, due to integrated micro-gold coils, which are smaller and lighter than in a normal Moving coil construction.
Through the use of 8 magnets and as a result of the best possible correlation of the magnetic field - we have reached an enhancement in the dynamic range by over 30%.
The clearaudio "da Vinci" V2 is, with its exceptional design and outstanding technical data, a MC-cartridge of the absolute top class.

Technical specifications

Total mass:

7,0 g

Frequency response:

20 Hz - 100 kHz

Stylus shape:

Micro HD



Coil assembly:

Absolutely symmetrical design

Coil material:

Gold 24 K


15/15 µ/mN

Recommended tracking force:

2.8 g


> 30 dB

Channel balance:

< 0.5 dB

Output voltage:

0.8 mV (at 5 cm/sec)

Coil impedance:

30 Ohm

Body material:

Aluminium with 30 micron ceramic coating


2 years


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