Primare PRE30 Preamplifier

The PRE30 is a fully balanced preamplifier designed with operational simplicity in mind. When used in conjunction with a balanced power amplifier, such as the A33.2 or the A32 and a source that provides balanced outputs, like the CD31, it becomes a significant link in an ultra-low noise signal chain that connects the source with the speaker. Each of the seven inputs may be adjusted for the differences in output level produced by each source. It also provides such useful features as a surround bypass switch, allowing you seamlessly to integrate the PRE30 with a home theatre system.

Technical Specifications

Analogue Inputs
2 XLR (L & R), 560 mV
5 RCA (L & R), 280 mV
Analogue Outputs
1 XLR (L & R)
2 RCA (L & R)
Analogue Record Output
1 RCA (L & R), 280 mV
Sensitivity Adjustment
+/- 20 dB
Other Outputs
1 5 V Trigger
16 dB
Frequency Response
DC to 100 kHz, -0.1 dB
< 0.005% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Line
118 dBv
100 / 115 / 230 V
Power Consumption
Standby 16 W
Operation 16 W
Dimensions (WxDxH)
430 x 385 x 106 mm
9.5 kg



















PRE30 : Reviews



Head to Head: Pre30/A33.2

Primare's 'new' pre/power combo of Pre30 and A33.2 power amplifier has gained the best marks (80%) for sound quality in a group test published in Hi Fi News' September 09 edition. In collecting a 'Highly Commended' badge the Primare combo was 'assured and supremely confident in all areas of performance' and tracked 'dynamic swings in the music to make for a rousing sonic event.' It concludes that 'with its transparent, dynamic and involving sound to match the satisfying build quality, this pair more than justifies its price tag. Indeed it was judged to be the equal of the Levinson amplifier used as this month's benchmark'. John Bamford, Hi Fi News September 2009


PRE30/A30.2 pre/power group test winner

‘Only models considerably higher in price than these can exceed their combination of fluidity, detail and naturalness. That plus superb build and looks and plenty of power, make recommendation a real pleasure…Primare’s amps win the race by a nose, offering not just excellent sound but also great looks, convenience, pride of ownership..'  Hi Fi Choice : 1-AUG-2004


Pre/power is a prime choice

‘There’s actually a dearth of amplifiers for this kind of money, and the Primare finds itself up against some serious rivals. On this showing however, the Pre30/A30.2 combination has the ability to take on the best and shine through, with a sound that’s rather more than just that of the company’s integrated amps plus a dose of extra oomph.’ What Hi Fi? Sound & Vision : 1-JAN-2003



It is very rare for a preamp-amp combination to evoke unanimity among listeners within the first few minutes of listening. But everyone who listened to the Primare Pre 30 preamp and A33.2 power within our benchmark system of players/converters remained stunned by its dynamic capability (incredible for 2 x 120 W), depth - including support for infra-bass content - and extremely precise micro-analysis of information to provide a feeling of life like no other. FRANCE: STEREO & Image PRESTIGE n°38. PDF availabile in downloads



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