ProAc Response D28 Speaker

The faultless reproduction throughout the frequency range made famous by the D25 has been intensified with the introduction of the Response D28. The D28 is a new, slim, elegant cabinet design giving greater dispersion and featuring side venting to give the lowest frequencies more power and authority.

As a bonus, they are highly sensitive and efficient, allowing you to match them effectively with both low output valve amps and solid state amps.

The Response D28 offers superb sound quality with a detailed soundstage and natural, extended, powerful bass response. These sonic attributes, coupled with ProAc’s legendary open midrange quality, make the Response D28 a winner in its class.


'nothing that does so many things so well. Audition these D28s' (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine)

'In no time, you're ignoring the hi-fi and concentrating on the music' (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine)

'FOR: Sweet, transparent and insightful sound, excellent bass, build, great refinement' (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine)

Driver Development

The original bass driver and tweeter have been retained, but there the similarity ends. Still using the highly efficient and sensitive mid/bass driver custom built for ProAc, the crossover network has been further tuned to match the improved cabinet design and bass loading, resulting in a significant step forward in sound reproduction.

Cabinet Design

A slimmer front baffle aids dispersion and increases soundstage, whilst the new port and vented arrangements found on much more expensive ProAc models give the bottom octaves greater feel and extension. This gives the D28 slightly more efficiency, allowing valve or class ‘A’ transistor amps with an output as low as 10 watts to produce fine results.

These beautiful new speakers feature the traditional ProAc cabinet quality with high rigidity and heavy damping and are finished in a range of real wood veneers. The new plinth and vent design arrangement not only produce a quality of bass found in much larger speakers, but also offer a better interaction with the listening room, making cabinet placement less critical.


- Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms 
- Recommended Amplifiers: 10 to 200 watts 
- Frequency Response: 20hz to 30Khz 
- Sensitivity: 88.5db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre 
- Cabinet: Heavy, inert construction damped with special material and featuring slim, rigid front baffle design to aid dispersion.
- Bass/Midrange: 61⁄2” (165mm) ProAc unit, professionally made with coated polypropylene cone on die-cast chassis.
- Tweeter: 1” (25mm) ProAc silk dome with special surround and air cooling.
- Crossover: HQC network using the finest dedicated components, wired with multistrand oxygen free copper cable, split for bi-wiring/amping.
- Dimensions: 42 1/2" (1080mm) high (on plinths) x 8" (204mm) wide x 11 1/4" (286mm) deep 
- Weight: 60lbs (27 Kg)
- Mode: Floorstanding, Grille Acoustically transparent



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