ProAc Response D18 Speaker

The ProAc Response D18 is an incredibly natural and sweet loudspeaker, featuring deep, tuneful bass response, a sweet and detailed high frequency as well as the fast electrostatic type midrange normally seen on standmount designs. The D18 offer a host of improvements over the D15, with improvements made to the cabinet design, bass driver and crossover network - resulting in what is an established and competent loudspeaker.

We have demonstrated this speaker many times, with a whole range of kit, and are yet to hear any feedback other than amazement - these speakers truly merit an audition!

New Driver Design

Unlike its predecessor, the ProAc D15, the Response D18 features an all new high-tech bass driver design, similar to that of the standmount D2 model, only with a larger EXCEL magnet assembly and an acrylic damping phase plug.

The results of these combination of improvements are a deep beautifully controlled bass response, a fast electrostatic midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.

Cabinet Design

ProAc have paid careful attention to the reworking of the D18's cabinet - which is very heavily damped with a new material. This reduces unwanted cabinet colouration and resonance, which results in the D18's sweet and neutral tone.

The superb build quality of the D18 is evident on inspection, from the high quality real wood used for the cabinet, the excellent ProAc driver and acrylic phase plug, as well as the rhodium-plated terminals on the rear of the speaker.


'Effortlessly musical and delivers will all types of music, unfussy nature, unfazed at high volume levels with a fine build...A lovely expressive midrange, couple to a beautiful well behaved treble. Integration between the two drivers is seamless.' (What Hi-Fi Magazine - Awards 2011)

'Best floorstander £1500+, Awards 2011. The Response D18s may look ordinary, but are capable of spellbinding sound' (What Hi-Fi magazine)

'lovely, expressive midrange coupled to a beautifully well-behaved treble. Integration between the two drivers is seamless, and the Response D18's top-to-bottom cohesion is deeply impressive.' (What Hi-Fi magazine)


- Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms 
- Recommended Amplifiers: 20 to 180 watts 
- Frequency Response: 30hz to 30Khz 
- Sensitivity: 88db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre 
- Cabinet: Heavy, inert construction damped with special material and featuring slim, rigid front baffle design to aid dispersion.
- Bass/Midrange: New 6½" (165mm) ProAc unit featuring glass fibre weave cone, large EXCEL magnet system and unique acrylic damping phase plug.
- Tweeter: ProAc ¾ dome unit with honeycomb wound voice coil, special damping and ferrofluid-cooled coil assembly
- Crossover: Finest components on dedicated circuit board with multistrand oxygen-free copper cable throughout. Split for optional bi-wiring/bi-amping.
- Dimensions: 36 5/8" (930mm) high x 7 1/2" (190mm) wide x 10 3/8" (265mm) deep 
- Weight: 55lbs (25 Kg)
- Mode: Floorstanding, Grille Acoustically transparent



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