Naim Stageline Phono Stage

The Stageline is a separate phono stage, available in either moving coil or moving magnet versions, designed to optimise sound quality from a wide range of cartridges.

The Stageline can be powered either from a special socket on the rear of the NAIT 5 or by a separate supply such as the Flat-Cap 2 for even better performance. The Naim i-SUPPLY can also be used to deliver very cost effective 24V power to the Stageline.


Available as:

Moving Coil and Moving Magnet


100uV/470ohm for low output cartridges


100uV/560ohm for selected moving coil cartridges


400uV/400ohm for medium output cartridges



Dimensions (H x W x D):

57 x 121  x 187mm


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