Naim NAC 552 Preamplifier

The NAC 552 is by some distance the most advanced Naim preamplifier ever and has some claim, therefore, to being the best preamplifier, period.

The introduction of the NAP 500 in 2000 brought with it a new level of technical and musical performance. A Naim design project group began reviewing the existing preamplifier designs exploring possibilities for major design improvement over the existing reference preamplifier, the Naim NAC 52.

Many designs were explored and a complete evaluation of the current component and raw material situation took place. The circuit topology was totally reviewed and components upgraded in accordance with the advancements made over the last decade. Extensive listening to various designs and topologies ensured that the harmony between music and technology was maintained.

Power supply design has always been at the heart of Naim research and this project was no exception. For the NAC 552 a radical new split rail power supply configuration has been employed that almost eliminates power supply noise in the signal earth. Housed in a separate, full-width brushed aluminium case; the power supply features a massive 800 VA toroidal transformer, three enormous smoothing capacitors and fourteen hand selected power regulators to independently supply the different stages of the preamplifier.

As pioneered in the Naim CDS compact disc player fully suspended sub-chassis mounted circuit boards are used in the Naim NAC 552. This method of suspension maximises isolation, hence minimizing the effect of vibration on the highly sensitive electronic components. Carefully matched precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to ensure long-term stability and preserve music integrity.

The six inputs on the NAC 552 can be selected directly from either the front panel or the remote control. In addition to the usual din plug inputs, preferred for their superior earthing and impedance matching, the NAC 552 owner can configure two of the inputs for use with the more common RCA phono type connectors, enabling the use of alternative components with pre-owned interconnects. Each of the six inputs has separate listen and record facilities. A dedicated unity gain input is provided for use with the Naim AV2 processor or similar.

A 552 product plan to enable future requirements for multi-channel use has also been incorporated within this project.

The Naim NAC 552 redefines the state of the art ensuring the utmost musical enjoyment for many years to come.


Analogue inputs

6 (configurable)

Tape outputs


Input sensitivities

75mV, 47kOhm

Output levels, tape

75mV, 600 Ohm

Main output

0.775V, <50 Ohm

Overload margin, all inputs, all audio frequencies


Dimensions (H x W x D)

87 x 432 x 314mm


Black, brushed aluminium


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