Naim NAIT XS Integrated Amplifier

The amplifier is a hi-fi system’s heart and the NAIT XS beats fast and strong. The NAIT XS has but one purpose: to deliver dynamic, detailed, emotional and satisfying music. It takes the DNA of our best-ever integrated amplifier, the SUPERNAIT, and, like a sports car stripped back to essentials for the track, delivers musical performance that truly excites and inspires.

The NAIT XS shares both its preamplifier and power amplifier design with the SUPERNAIT. The 60 Watts per channel power amplifier is a dynamic, fast acting musical muscle with an uncanny talent for bringing speakers to life. And the preamplifier, like the SUPERNAIT’s, provides all the musical clarity and detail you could wish for. NAIT XS preamplifier versatility comes from six analogue line inputs on a mix of DIN and phono sockets and a front-panel mounted auto-switching mini-jack.

NAIT XS versatility extends also to the inclusion of a subwoofer output, a phono preamplifier power output, a preamplifier output and power amplifier input, automatic input switching and an AV bypass option for simple integration with AV processors. NAIT XS power supply upgrade is also possible through the addition of a FlatCap, HiCap or SuperCap to take over preamplifier power supply duties and lift performance yet higher.

Inside the NAIT XS is the latest expression of Naim amplifier design philosophy – a philosophy that can trace routes right back to our earliest products. It features a massive 380VA mains transformer with five secondary windings. Separate power supplies for pre and power amplifier sections, and the highest quality best-sounding components in every critical location.

Built in a version of our innovative low resonance, non-magnetic slimline case, the NAIT XS exemplifies the Naim approach to audio: focused, technologically innovative, aesthetically elegant and musically satisfying. The NAIT XS is genuine high-end hi-fi brought within reach.

NAIT XS Features

  • Series 5 Aluminium chassis and sleeve with zinc die-cast front panel.
  • Upgradeable with FlatCap, HiCap or SuperCap power supplies.
  • Six line inputs: 4 x RCA/DIN, 1 x RCA/3.5mm jack, 1 x powered input for phono stage.
  • Auto switching 3.5mm stereo jack socket for iPod/MP3 player input on the front panel (mapped to Aux 1) to improve convenience.
  • Aux 2 power for phono stage.
  • 60WPC into 8 Ohm or 90WPC into 4 Ohm.
  • 380VA toroidal transformer with 5 separate windings: 2 x L&R power amp, 1 x preamp, 1 x display, 1 x relay switching.
  • AV unity gain option (AV bypass switchable).
  • Full bandwidth stereo subwoofer output.
  • Optional bi-directional RS232 port for installation into ‘smart homes’.
  • Preamp similar to SUPERNAIT.
  • Can be split to use as a preamplifier or power amplifier.
  • Remote Controlled via Remote and System (RC5) in front (IR) and rear (3.5mm jack) for maximum control connectivity e.g. Custom Install.
  • NARCOM Remote control for volume and input selection.
  • Programmable Auto Input Switching (AIS).
  • Compatible with a wide choice of cables and speakers.


Audio Outputs

speakers, preamp, tape (DIN) and variable sub

Power Output

60Wpc (8Ω), 90Wpc (4Ω)

Tape output level

130mV, 600Ω

Analogue inputs

6 DIN/phono on rear plus 3.5mm jack on front

Input overload

34 dB

Input sensitivity

130mV at 47KΩ

Remote input

3.5mm jack on rear (RC5)



IR remote


Supply Voltage

100V to 120V or 220V to 240V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

Quiescent 20VA
Max 290VA

Dimensions (H x W x D)

70 x 432 x 301mm






 What the Hi-Fi press says...  

  • Hi-Fi + (issue 67) - February 2010

    "The NAIT XS is able to reproduce detail and attack extremely well, but without tipping over into harshness or stridency even under provocation."
  • HIFICRITIC - December 2009

    "I have a split personality when it comes to Naim Audio products. No acolyte, I first see a Naim product as an independent entity, something which has to survive in the free world of audio regardless of its terrors".
  • What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - November 2009

    "The Naim's NAIT XS's ability to find essence of a track is uncanny"
  • Hi-Fi+ - October 2009

    "The NAIT XS is able to reproduce detail and attack extremely well, but without tipping over into harshness or stridency even under provocation."
  • Hi-Fi Choice - March 2009

    "Partners the XS with suitable loudspeakers and you may well be surprised by the depth and width of images it can cast"
  • What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - February 2009

    "The XS is a thrill-a-minute listen with upbeat musically"



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