QED Performance Digital Audio Cable (1m)

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QED Performance Digital Audio


THE QED Performance digital audio cable delivers the clarity and realism you expect from a top-flight digital interconnect at a budget price, available in 1m or 3m lengths. This cable doesn’t cut corners, it gets it right. Optimum transmission line performance demands an impedance of exactly 75 ohms. And to achieve that requires precision - a cable built down to tolerances of 100th of a millimetre, not down to a price. A cable designed for the job. Performance is exactly that - an accurate 75 ohm digital interconnect. 

QED Performance Digital Audio Cable connects your DVD player, CD player etc to a DAC or AV amplifier input for a high performance digital audio connection. 

Awards & Reviews

*Winner of the Best Digital Audio Cable category in the What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Awards 2007 Edition*

*Silver Award Winner for Best Digital Interconnect in the 2005 HiFi Choice Awards*

"Enabling your system to sound clean, vibrant and incredibly detailed, this coaxial is a worthy award-winner." (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2007)


- QED Performance Digital Audio Cable
- Conductor Section (mm2): 0.19
- Conductor Material: 99.999% OFC
- Screening Material: Aluminium Mylar & Double 99.999% OFC Braid
- Conductor Dielectric: Low Density Polyethylene
- Parallel Capacitance: (pF/m) 61.0
- Characteristic Impedence: (ohm) 75
- Overall Size (mm): 6.2 Dia 



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