WR200 - network extender
Posted on 23 June 2011

With Audio Pro wireless products you get an audio network at home easily. But all homes aren't built in the same way or size. Construction materials, size and distances are different in every home. That's why we have come up with WR200, a unique wireless extender (that actually consists of two units) which will extend your network or bypass any wifi difficulties your home might have.

Dels förlänger WR200 ljudnätverket, dels så kan enheterna placeras för att gå runt t ex väggar av armerad betong. WR200 uses advanced wireless technology which combines the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band, where communication between unit 1 and 2 uses the 5.8GHz band. This ensures that the comunication is stronger (but shorter in range) and can penetrate for example steel reinforced concrete walls. All volume and zone commands are relayed in the network via WR200.

With an extra unit 2 of Wr200, you can also extend network in more directions than one.

Flexible, simple and the only wireless extender that works flawlessly.

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