Classic Combo
Posted on 24 May 2011

Hi Fi Lessons

The Greeks love a classic, which is why Primare's 30 series pairing is appreciated by HXOS magazine. Awarding a full five stars to the I32 and CD32, the music lovers on the staff said: “With the I32 and CD32, Primare from Sweden is introducing a special combination at the cutting edge of technology, which addresses the performance needs of even the most demanding audiophile. The combination produces very high resolution, huge reserves of power, excellent tonal balance and graduation. But if you were to ask us which is the main protagonist of this test, we would tell you without hesitation that it is the CD32, which is a real bargain in this price level because it combines excellent build level, hypermodern aesthetic design and a sound which nails it in terms of resolution, transparency and speed in every musical style.”

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