UFPD: Definitive Proof
Posted on 01 May 2011


Our proprietary UFPD is a wideband low distortion technology and not like other Class D designs. We’ve said it all along, but if you’re looking for a definitive independent assessment, the June 2011 issue of the UK’s foremost hi fi magazine Hi Fi News has all the proof you'll need! In listening and lab tests by one of the UK’s most experienced review teams, the I32’s audiophile nature is revealed. In a group test of its peers, whioch includes Sugden and Roksan, the I32 has emerged as an ‘outstanding’ product.

The review says: “Sounding crisp and squeaky clean the I32 delivered startling clarity that was captivating. Forget any preconceptions about Class D switching amps having impressive bass delivery but offering grainy high frequencies. The Primare sounded tight and grippy along with a highly explicit treble that made the percussion…sound uncannily real. And the bass was impressive: extended, powerful and highly descriptive.”

And the lab report says “Unlike most Class D amps (but like the Hypex), the I32’s response and distortion characteristics are broadly unaffected by speaker loading, offering a response flat to 60kHz (–3dB) and free of ultrasonic peaks or other resonances. Similarly, its output impedance remains impressively uniform at 0.024-0.07ohm right across the audio range, with the inevitable rise (caused by the output inductors) displaced to a harmless 1.4ohm/100kHz. Distortion is very low indeed at 0.002-0.006% from a subsonic 5Hz to 1kHz, rising gently thereafter to 0.037% at 20kHz and 0.05% at 40kHz.”

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