Payment Guide

We support multiple payment modes and options for your shopping ease. Refer below for the details: 

Offline Payment

Better known as the “traditional” way. Obviously its for the group whom deny online banking. The idea is to proceed the payment through Cash Deposit Machine or teller service at the nearest branch. Here is the list of supported bank and account information:

Account No: 21431600017833
Account Name: CMY Audio & Visual Sdn. Bhd.

Account No: 514084257095
Account Name: CMY Audio & Visual Sdn. Bhd. 

Online Payment

Online payment mode offers effective and convenient solution to pay bill with just a few clicks. At SOB, we appointed iPay88 (a.k.a Sdn. Bhd.) to be our payment gateway provider. With iPay88, we support comprehensive of online payment modes as follow:

To know more on how to use iPay88 payment gateway, read "iPay88 Interface Guide" of below.

Important Notes from iPay88

  1. Please note that your Payment is processed by Sdn Bhd.The Name of will be shown on your Credit Card / Bank Statement and you will also receive a notification e-mail from Mobile88 on this Transaction.”
  2. Supported currencies and respective payment mode: Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) – For credit card and Malaysia's local payment modes.
  3. For credit card user, by using iPay88 to pay bill, customer is expected to find “ Sdn. Bhd.” or “” with the relevant transaction amount in their next credit card statement.
  4. For credit card, by referring to the review at file=/2009/1/25/20090125124920&sec=kb, our company reserve the right to decline card transaction from the following high-risk countries, in order to prevent fraudulence:

    Great Britian, London
    Netherlands, Amsterdam (Hakfort)
    Balkan states (former Yugoslavia)
    Ivory Coast

  5. For iPay88's Term of Use, kindly visit:
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